24 August 2012

Weekly weigh-in #9 : -0.5kg (total -9.5kg)

Well, Miss Scales had a surprise in stall for me, because until yesterday morning, my weight was 0.8kg higher than this morning. I was kind of hoping on a status quo, but instead I got a medium loss.  Life is good sometimes :o)

On my way to the -10kg now ...

Until tomorrow,

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 8 pts (20 cl halfskimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestlé fitness chocolate 5pts, apple)

Lunch : 9 pts (Meatless Friday: pasta ricotta bento: 75gr dry penne pasta 7pts, 50g ricotta 2 pts, fruits and veggies 0pts)

Dinner : 13 pts (Bouchot mussels with mustard dressing)

Snack: 3 pts (cup of pumpkin soup)

Unused : 14 pts 

Drinks :   1.5L still water

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