23 August 2012

Traffic jams

I hate traffic jams. Especially when they delay my arrival at home to such an extend, that I can't go for my powerwalk :o(

Weigh-in again tomorrow, not sure the result will be nice because the weight has been going up and down all week long. We'll see ...

Until tomorrow ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 8 pts (20 cl halfskimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestlé fitness chocolate 5pts, apple)

Lunch : 10 pts (Bulgur & Nectarine Salad Bento : 40g raw bulgur 4pts, 1tsp olive oil 1pt, 180g chicken filet with cumin 5pts, fruits and veggies 0pts)

Dinner : 10 pts (oyster mushrooms 0pts, 150g chicken filet 4pts, 200g boiled potatoes 4pts, 25g chaumes 2pts)

Unused  : 20 pts

Drinks :   1.7L still water.

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