20 August 2012

Day 60 - Looking back

Day 60 since the start of my healthier lifestyle and therefore two months into this lifelong journey, it is time for a little review.

If I am happy with where I am right now, I have nevertheless this little nagging feeling of dissatisfaction.  Like a lot of people, I am prone to beating myself up on things I should have / could have done better and this journey is no exception to the rule.  Over the past 2 months, I slipped off occasionally and even if it didn't lead to significant weight gains, I do feel that my plateaus are a result of slacking control.  If I had been stricter, I might have already crossed the 10kg hurdle but as it is right now, it just stays in sight, but out of reach.  Frustrating.

This being said, I shouldn't sit down, whine about it and stuff myself with sweets and other unhealthy crap but get up and kick some ass (preferably mine).  So with renewed motivation, I look at that 10kg hurdle and as God is my witness, I will cross that sucker. Preferably sooner than later though ...

Until tomorrow ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 8 pts (20 cl halfskimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestlé fitness chocolate 5pts, apple)

Lunch : 6 pts (4 wasa cripsbreads with philadephia grilled peppers cheese 5pts, diced tomato salad with mustard dressing 1pts, apple 0pts)

Dinner : 18 pts (300g spaghetti 10pts, 60g steak 2 pts, 90gr sausage 6pts, tomato and cucumber 0pts)

Unused  : 9 pts

Snack: 7 pts (2/3 of the Petits Carrés Chocolate bar very bad, I know *bows head in shame*)

Drinks :   2.5L still water.

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