30 June 2012

Retail therapy always works

Saturday morning, a day to sleep in ...  although to my standards I was awake way early i.e. before 9.00 AM.  Maybe my subconscious didn't want me to miss the start of the sales period, and it worked. :o)  After a quick shower, I headed out and arrived at the shoe shop before it even opened.  Unfortunately, (as usual) I didn't find any heels : combining a wide shoe in a large (41) size is always tricky.  Nevertheless I found some nice Geox sport shoes and a pair of flat sandals.  So unless it is overly hot tomorrow or raining cat and dogs, I will start this running programme tomorrow.  All this adds to my good mood: nothing like a bit of retail therapy to boost my spirits :o)

Otherwise nothing special today : just more window shopping and groceries. I managed to drink my 3L of water, adding just a little bit of 0 sugar citrus syrup in order to have a bit of flavour.  Foodwise, I splurged a bit tonight but managed to stay within the points limit.   Hopefully it won't reflect on the scales tomorrow (which indicated -0.5kg btw this morning).  Only one day left before going back to work.  The weekend always flies by too quickly ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : no time for breakfast this morning

Lunch : 8 pts (Salade nicoise)

Dinner : 34 pts (appetizer : berberechos a la cataplana 10pts, dinner: steak with salad, steamed potatoes and bearnaise sauce 24pts) - a bit excessive but I was starving.

Unused : 5 pts

Drinks : 3L still water and 2 tbs of light citrus syrup to jazz up all that H2O.

29 June 2012

Weekly weigh-in #1 : -600g

Official end of the first week with a mitigated result: on one hand, every loss is good, a step in the right direction, but on the other hand 0.6kg loss in a week is derisive and definitely not enough. I wish I knew what was happening ... Why don't the kilos just fly off?  After all, they fly on in the blink of an eye, it would be fair if they vanished just as quickly. *sigh*

Oh well, no need to hang my head in despair. On the contrary, I should persevere and bend this body to my will.  My goal for this weekend : keeping up drinking at least 2L of water.  At the office it is easy to stick to it, but I get easily distracted when I am free to roam around the house and the city :o)  Talking about the city, the summer sales start tomorrow and I want to buy myself running shoes. I have shoes that I use for the gym, but I don't want to use outdoor shoes indoors.  I don't think it is clean and respectful of the others. I downloaded the couch to 5K app and would like to give it a try. So running shoes it is.  If I can find the Nike+ shoes, I might buy a sensor as well, but any appropriate shoe will do. Retail therapy always cheers me up. Have a nice weekend !

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 11 pts (half skimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestle fitness cereals 5pts, a glass of fruitjuice 3pts and an apple) - same as every day

Lunch : 12 pts (No bento today, but a storebought salad with tuna, peaches and green beans 10 pts, one apple 0 pts and a piccolino bun 2pts)

Dinner : 18 pts (one pitta bread 5pts, 240g diced pork 7 pts, 2 tsp aioli 6pts, salad and onion 0pts)

Unused : 9 pts

Drinks : 3L still water and 1 can of diet coke

28 June 2012

Back and forth, the pendulum swings.

Sometimes I feel that trying to loose weight is like the procession of Echternach : 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.  Overall the movement is still forward (or in this case down) but it is slooowww ...  All this to say that Miss Scales was not nice to me this morning, and I gained again a bit of weight. Fabulous ... not !  Official weigh-in tomorrow, I hope I'll be on the forward move again by then.

I think the problem might be that I don't consume all the points that I should, but frankly ... how do you eat all those points when all the healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables don't have be counted.  I can't load up on carbs and sugar and all the other unhealthy stuff just to meet the number, can I?  I realised today that having been off and on the WW programme for the last decade, I still have no idea what my calories intake is. Bad, isn't it?  I know I'm not eating (too?) unhealthily, but otherwise I have no idea ...  I should try and find a way to convert my points into kcals just to check.


Ok, so I found a little kcal counting app for my phone and according to that programme (taking into account my height, weight, age and very light activity level), my daily intake should be 2.800 kcal in order to loose weight.  O_o  Really? Hmmm ... that coincides with the info I found on the net, namely that 1 pt would be around 60 kcal.  I thought that was huge and couldn't be right. At 50 pts a day, I would indeed be hovering around that amount. And here I was thinking that good diets meant limiting our intake to 1.500 kcal max.

Tonight I had a little extra (juice porkchop on the BBQ) compared to the usual days and after registering everything I ate today, I only reach 1.904 kcal.  Maybe I don't eat enough to fuel my engine ?  Could that be the reason that I don't lose that much although I should be dropping weight more quickly considering the extra charge I carry.  Something I'll need to discuss with a dietician I guess.

Talking of which, I made the requested appointment with the psychologist today. First available date : July 24.  I hope I will be able to prove my motivation by showing a progress n my dieting by then.  Until then, I have to keep going ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 11 pts (half skimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestle fitness cereals 5pts, a glass of fruitjuice 3pts and an apple) - same as every day

Lunch : 10 pts (Sea Flavours Bento - vegetables and fruits 0pts, 110g boiled potatoes 2 pts, 50g cooked salmon 2pts, 70g shrimp 3pts, olive oil 2 pts)

Dinner : 16 pts (grilled porkchop 10 pts, mixed salad 0pts, 200g boiled potatoes 4pts, 1tsp light mayonnaise 1pt, 1tsp herb butter 1 pt)

Unused : 13 pts

Drinks : 2.2L still water, 40cl perrier and half a can of diet coke

27 June 2012

Unknown upside to drinking more

My weight really does fluctuate over the days: after a little increase yesterday, the scales indicated a bigger drop today.  It's on days like these that Miss Scales is my best friend again. It doesn't take much to win me over, does it?  What can I say, I am easy to please ;o)  Hopefully it will not be on the rebound again on Friday when I have my "official" weekly weigh-in.  I would like that weekly graph to show a steady sloping line.

For the past months I have had nagging headaches at the end of the afternoon, that I treated with a Neurofen tablet whenever it became to painful to stay focused on the job.  Looking for the source of these recurring headaches (which occurred only on weekdays, strangely enough), I singled out three possible causes: (a) I need stronger glasses, (b) I work continuously on a computer screen and (c) the artificial light in my office.  I ruled out a and b because I spent as much time with my glasses and computer on weekends as during the week.  Which left me with the lights.  So for two last two months I have been working by natural light coming from the window, switching on the fixtures only when it gets too dark (due to storm, heavily overcast weather, ...).  The headaches improved significantly but still continued to dwindle my good spirits every now and then.

And then I started dieting last week.

And sticking to the rules, drinking way more water at work, going from my usual 0.5L to 2L a day.

And I haven't had any headaches since!

Like most overweight people, I suffer from painful and disgraceful water retention in my lower limbs.  I take medication to counter that but in order not to worsen the problem I tried to limit my fluid intake.  After all, I had plenty of "water" stuck around my feet and ankles and I didn't want to fill up whatever I managed to eliminate with the diuretic.  That wasn't a smart move, I guess.  Your body needs water to work properly and I think my headaches were a sign of being slightly dehydrated.  I might not have a degree in medicine but even I can put two and two together.

Two birds with one stone : I got rid of the nasty headaches and I drink the recommended amount of water.  If I could only hit that elusive third bird called Shankles as well, I would be a very happy bunny :o)

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 11 pts (half skimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestle fitness cereals 5pts, a glass of fruitjuice 3pts and an apple)

Lunch : 10 pts (Terriyaki Beef Bento - most vegetables and fruits 0pts, 110g rice 4pts, beef terriyaki portion 6pts)

Dinner :17 pts (30g chorizo as appetizer 3pts, steamed sea wolf 4pts - unweighed portion of potatoes 7pts - lipton fusion ice tea 3pts)

Unused :12 pts

Drinks : 2.2L still water, 20cl perrier and 50cl fusion ice tea

26 June 2012

Dieting ... it's hard for dogs too

Weight went up again today compared to yesterday ... oh well, I know I shouldn't weigh myself daily in the first place and stressing about it won't change a thing, although it is definitely not a motivation booster.  Speaking of which, I saw this cute pug on cheezburger today and I thought it was appropriate.  I can so understand this sweetie's craving for a cookie :o) Did you know, I haven't even eaten any chocolate over the past days (even though they're free for grabs in the office kitchen)?  Good on me ! 

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 11 pts (half skimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestle fitness cereals 5pts, a glass of fruitjuice 3pts and an apple)

Lunch : 18 pts (Summer Bento - most vegetables and fruits 0pts, 100g quinoa 6pts, zucchini/feta terrine 6pts, 1/2 corncob 2pt and the mini clafoutis are 2pts each). Trying to up the points value a bit without resorting to oily or sugary stuff.

Dinner : 16 pts (as appetizer the last piece of zucchini terrine 3pts - unweighed portion of rice 7 pts - terriyaki beef 6 pts)

Unused : 5 pts

Drinks : 2,5 L still water, 20cl perrier

25 June 2012

Starting over

Horrified. That's the only way to express my feelings when I finally gathered up the courage to step on the scales last week.  Deep down, I knew I had to have taken on some weight again.  I might turn a blind eye on some things, but I am no fool.  When some of your clothes get a bit too snug for comfort, you know something is up.  Nevertheless, sometimes reality is scarier than whatever you imagine. I, who said I would never go over my alltime high from more than a year ago, failed miserably at that endeavour.  Up and beyond would be a good motivational slogan, if it wasn't weight-related.  Thankfully, I have not yet reached "The Precipice" as I like to call the scales maximum range, but I have been close enough to have a peek at the bottom of the ravine and I didn't like what I saw.

So, high time to sort out my life.
I know.
But as Chumbawamba used to sing :  "I get knocked down but I get up again - You're never gonna keep me down" :o)

I was googling the net for stories of people who have lost as much as I have to and I have a bit of mixed feelings about what I read.  Of course, I am amazed by anyone able to shed half their body weight and they ought to be congratulated, but the methods they used (surgery and protein diets) in order to achieve their goals are just not for me.

a. Surgery. I don't want to be cut open and have some vital organs permanently altered.  Nature finetuned humans over centuries and I trust evolution to do what is best for our survival as a species, so I don't think you should mess with that.  Moreover, no matter what they say, no operation is 100% riskfree and I don't want to be gambling with life.  So, surgery is not an option : no lapband, by-pass or whatever, for me if I can help it.

b. Protein diet. Been there, done that.  I can't handle eating shakes and bars for months on end.  I tried it twice, under medical surveillance.  First time around, three months into it, I was still eating nothing but the shakes.  For someone like me who likes eating fruits and vegetables this liquid diet was more than I could cope with.  As a result, I gave up when even the smell of the cappuccino shake started to make me retch.  Unsurprisingly, going back to real food brought back the 20+ kg lost and more. When a couple of years later, I wanted to give it another try, the dietitian made me stop after two weeks.  Although I was sticking to the rules without straying, I was reacting abnormally to the diet i.e. I lost not only weight and but also muscle and my fat level increased.  Bye bye protein diet and any hope of a quick weight loss.

The thing is whenever they portray people who are morbidly obese like me (there, I said it), whether on testimonials or on TV they always live highly unhealthy : bags and bags of crisps, processed foods, alcohol, no fruits or vegetables, fried stuff, etc etc  They cut off drinking soda and alcohol, stop eating junk food and take away and the kilos just vanish.  Right. Obvious. So where does that leaves me?  I don't drink, have junkfood maybe once a month, cook fresh all the time, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, don't binge on fried stuff (I don't even have a frier in the house, just to show)...  what do I have to cut down in order to get to a slimmer me?  I do have a sweet tooth and am a sucker for chocolate, but I don't consume any of them in amounts that could warrant the extra charge I am dragging along.  Nevertheless I need to monitor my sugar intake more closely and make sure I drink enough water during the day.

My GP says I have a slow metabolism and that I have to deal with that. Yeah right. But I don't want to settle for what I have.  I want to have a healthy weight and be able to do things most people take for granted like entering a clothing store and buy whatever catches their fancy.  I need to boost my body into burning more calories, that's all there is to it, because I cannot cut down a lot more on my intake.  However exercising doesn't seem to be able to kick-start my engine. At a certain period I went working out (cardio and strengthtraining) 6 times a week without any noticeable result. But if I can't find the key to ignite this bloody engine, someone else surely must.

In my search for this elusive key, I ended up picking up the phone and calling the obesity platform at one of the hospitals in order to enter their 6 months weight loss programme. They only accept 12 patients a month, but don't accept anyone new before next September.  The doctor I spoke to is going to send me a complete file about the programme and once I have read it, I will have to schedule an appointment with one of their psychologists to see if I am a good candidate.   If I am admitted, I'll have to go through an entire battery of tests and assessments, on which basis they'll lay out the lines of my personalised diet.  I know my thyroid is not working enough (and I take medication for it) but maybe something else is not acting appropriately.  Only one way to find out and that's testing.

Meanwhile I have two months to try and bring the weight down a bit on my own, WW style.  I have 50 points to spend on a daily basis .... it will be difficult to manage to finish them all off.

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 11 pts (half skimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestle fitness cereals 5pts, a glass of fruitjuice 3pts and an apple)

Lunch : 14 pts (Chimichurri Beef Bento - most vegetables and fruits 0pts, 110g rice 4pts, 70g beef 2pts, 1TBS corn 1 pt, nut brittle 1pt, olive oil 3pts and the mini clafoutis are 2pts each)

Dinner : 16 pts (Unweighed pasta 7 pts, 1 tsp parmesan 1 pt, bolognese sauce 8 pts)

Unused : 9 pts

Drinks : 2,2L still water, 40cl perrier & 20cl coke zero