28 June 2012

Back and forth, the pendulum swings.

Sometimes I feel that trying to loose weight is like the procession of Echternach : 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.  Overall the movement is still forward (or in this case down) but it is slooowww ...  All this to say that Miss Scales was not nice to me this morning, and I gained again a bit of weight. Fabulous ... not !  Official weigh-in tomorrow, I hope I'll be on the forward move again by then.

I think the problem might be that I don't consume all the points that I should, but frankly ... how do you eat all those points when all the healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables don't have be counted.  I can't load up on carbs and sugar and all the other unhealthy stuff just to meet the number, can I?  I realised today that having been off and on the WW programme for the last decade, I still have no idea what my calories intake is. Bad, isn't it?  I know I'm not eating (too?) unhealthily, but otherwise I have no idea ...  I should try and find a way to convert my points into kcals just to check.


Ok, so I found a little kcal counting app for my phone and according to that programme (taking into account my height, weight, age and very light activity level), my daily intake should be 2.800 kcal in order to loose weight.  O_o  Really? Hmmm ... that coincides with the info I found on the net, namely that 1 pt would be around 60 kcal.  I thought that was huge and couldn't be right. At 50 pts a day, I would indeed be hovering around that amount. And here I was thinking that good diets meant limiting our intake to 1.500 kcal max.

Tonight I had a little extra (juice porkchop on the BBQ) compared to the usual days and after registering everything I ate today, I only reach 1.904 kcal.  Maybe I don't eat enough to fuel my engine ?  Could that be the reason that I don't lose that much although I should be dropping weight more quickly considering the extra charge I carry.  Something I'll need to discuss with a dietician I guess.

Talking of which, I made the requested appointment with the psychologist today. First available date : July 24.  I hope I will be able to prove my motivation by showing a progress n my dieting by then.  Until then, I have to keep going ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 11 pts (half skimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestle fitness cereals 5pts, a glass of fruitjuice 3pts and an apple) - same as every day

Lunch : 10 pts (Sea Flavours Bento - vegetables and fruits 0pts, 110g boiled potatoes 2 pts, 50g cooked salmon 2pts, 70g shrimp 3pts, olive oil 2 pts)

Dinner : 16 pts (grilled porkchop 10 pts, mixed salad 0pts, 200g boiled potatoes 4pts, 1tsp light mayonnaise 1pt, 1tsp herb butter 1 pt)

Unused : 13 pts

Drinks : 2.2L still water, 40cl perrier and half a can of diet coke

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