4 April 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #3 to #5 : -2.3 , -0.3 & -1.1kg (Total -6.3kg)

For once, the radio (blog) silence has NOT been the telltale sign of me giving up on this road to health.  On the contrary, I am still going and going strong as well.

I have thought about what I want to do with this blog (considering nobody is even reading this), and in order to keep things light and fun for myself, I have decided that I will be doing weekly updates and maybe an occasional post in between, if I have a major accomplishment to share :o)

14 March 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #2 : -0.4kg (Total -2.6kg)

Friday, my weekly "official weigh in" day. The only day of the week I should actually be near a scale that isn't a foodscale, but unfortunately I can't let go of the daily weighing. I am afraid that if I let it slide one day, I'll fall of the wagon altogether again.  So even if the fluctuations are bringing me down when they're on the upside, it's part and parcel of this journey.

As expected the weight loss was less than remarkable this week than last, but in the end no matter how small, a loss is still a loss and a few steps closer to my goal.

13 March 2014

And here we ago again ...

It has been a year since the last post. A year since I said that I would get back into the healthy living groove.  A year in which I worked, loved, travelled, cooked, baked, read and did many things ... with just one little problem.  Living healthily which should have been on top of the priorities list, never even made it to this list. :o(

11 February 2013

Getting back in the race

Not sure that a lot of people still drop by my page (if they ever did), but this prolonged silence of mine is - as you might have guessed - the result of my falling of the bandwagon and my reluctance to get back on.

28 September 2012

Weekly weigh-in #14 : -2.1kg (total -15.1kg)

Remember what I said about getting ready for the next battle last week?  Well, I clearly won this one.  I aced two of my objectives in one go : 10% of my starting weight as well as the -15kg badge.

21 September 2012

Weekly weigh-in #13 : -0.0kg (total -13kg)

Status quo this week. 
I have a feeling I hit a plateau every time I have had a significant loss.  I know it means that my body is adjusting itself to the new weight and that this plateau or stabilisation is necessary in order to avoid the yoyo effect.