28 September 2012

Weekly weigh-in #14 : -2.1kg (total -15.1kg)

Remember what I said about getting ready for the next battle last week?  Well, I clearly won this one.  I aced two of my objectives in one go : 10% of my starting weight as well as the -15kg badge.

Life is good :o)

Foodwise I could have done better today, but one slip-up is not the end of the world.

Until tomorrow,

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : none

Lunch : 478 kcal (Chicken Parmesan Saladwich, 1 light toast, 70g leerdammer lightlife)

Dinner : 1152 kcal (160g oven cheese, 125g bread and 100 ml Haagen Dazs Chocolate)

Snack :  224 kcal (100 ml Haagen Dazs Vanilla)

Drinks :   1.5L still water

Activity : Start2Run - week #3 - day 2 ( 5x 3min run - 2 min walking)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on you accomplishments!!!!