21 September 2012

Weekly weigh-in #13 : -0.0kg (total -13kg)

Status quo this week. 
I have a feeling I hit a plateau every time I have had a significant loss.  I know it means that my body is adjusting itself to the new weight and that this plateau or stabilisation is necessary in order to avoid the yoyo effect. 

Nevertheless working out and staying on plan, without any visible result on the scales is always a bit frustrating.  Not giving up though ... this week's battle might have ended in a tie, but I am going to win the next one.

Until tomorrow,

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 339 kcal (45g plain nestle fitness cereals, half skimmed milk and an apple)

Lunch : 689 kcal (6 chicken gyoza, 2 california rolls, gari, shoju with wasabi, wakame salad)

Dinner : 570 kcal (Prosciutto Pizza)

Drinks :   2L still water

Activity : Start2Run - week #2 - day 2 ( 8x 2min run - 2 min walking)

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