16 September 2012

A crappy runner

Today started with a sleep-in and me skipping the Start2Run workout in the forest at 10.00.  I know, it's a bad start to a running training.  It's just that I came home after midnight from my birthday dinner party, and instead of hitting the sack, decided to fiddling around the house for another two hours.  I can't honestly remember what I did, but it explains why I couldn't get myself into a vertical position after repeatedly snoozing the alarm.

Nevertheless, sleeping in is great for recharging your batteries and although I didn't make it to the collective run, I was determined to do the training on my own.  I looked up the training schedule on the Athletic League website and found that today's training consisted of a warm-up followed by 12 1-minute intervals.  
Next step was looking at the free C25K programmes I could download to my phone, but unfortunately none of them had the training day I was looking for.  We are doing the 5K in 14 weeks, which is a bit longer than what you find on average.  

Faced with the inability to find a ready made timer, I started looking for free timers but couldn't find any that suited my needs.  Free stuff rarely is, but you never know if you can find a little gem for free on the AppStore.  Eventually I purchased the Interval Run app by DeltaVee, because one of the reviewers said it was compatible with the Nike+ app (and I do like my Nike+, especially as I get it to synchronise into my FitBit as well).

Manually registering the different schedules took a bit of time but was relatively simple and finally I was ready to go.

Although 1 minute intervals sound (and probably are) doable, I was only able to keep a steady pace until the halfway point, and then it quickly went downhill (figuratively).  I just wasn't able to run the last two intervals, having to break off after respectively 30 and 20 seconds.  I am still wondering why.  Is it because walking for 1 minute didn't allow me to sufficiently catch my breath?  Or because there wasn't any shade on the route I was doing, and I felt and looked like an overripe tomato?  It appears to me that whatever runners are made of, is clearly something lacking in my composition :o(

I fear the worst for next Wednesday when we go running in the forest again.  Although I don't underestimate the stimulus of the group thing, the 2 minute intervals we'll have to do, sound a bit too farfetched at the moment.

Time will tell, I guess.

Until tomorrow,

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 271 kcal (20 cl halfskimmed milk, 45g nestlé fitness chocolate)

Lunch : 410 kcal  (shoju chicken filet with basmati rice and ginger/chili pears)

Dinner : 461 kcal (steak with salad, tomatoes, cucumber and spring onion. Apple for dessert)

Snack : 48 kcal (0% fat Vitalinea peach yoghurt)

Drinks :   1.5L still water

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