1 September 2012

Making healthy choices

Making healthy choices is something you shouldn't forget, even on holiday.

My airport ritual consisted always of a White Cafe Mocha at Starbucks.  For most people, Starbucks is very ordinary but the store at the airport is the only one I know in my surroundings, so going there is always something special.

I checked the Starbucks website to find out how costly in calories my regular treat was and was gobsmacked when I found out it was almost 500 kcal. Come again?

I talked about it with friends on FB and one friend from the US suggested ordering a skinny version. I didn't know you could.  So I perused the website and found this 130 kcal frappuccino caramel light, the perfect replacement for my usual calorie bomb.

In general, I am strongly opposed to drinking my caloric budget, but I make an exception for special occasions. and I think holidays qualify for that category.

Until tomorrow ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 4 pts (tall frapuccino caramel light)

Lunch : 7?? pts (70g sandwich on the iberia flight : polar bread, cheese and ham) 

Dinner : 20?? pts (150g tapeo latino, 60g manchego, 3 crackers, 250g tortilla de patatas, 40g fuet nobleza)

Unused : 15 pts

Drinks :   2L still water.

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