11 February 2013

Getting back in the race

Not sure that a lot of people still drop by my page (if they ever did), but this prolonged silence of mine is - as you might have guessed - the result of my falling of the bandwagon and my reluctance to get back on.

It all started back in autumn.  A routine check of my thyroid showed some disturbing spots and initiated a whole battery of tests and hospital visits.  The endocrinologist even dropped the word "cancer" at some point, so needless to say I was freaking out and the whole weight loss journey was put on the back burner.  Especially as I deal with stress in a very unhealthy way i.e. eating my way through the sweets cabinet. :o(

Somehow, despite all of this happening and the excess of sugary treats, I managed to keep a stable weight, about 1 kg above my all-time low.  Then, just before Christmas, I got the final results back saying that although the lumps needs to be monitored, no cancerous cells were found.  I was super happy and celebrated it the usual way ... you guess it, more sweet stuff.

But all of a sudden, the scales decided that now my health issues being resolved, they didn't have to spare me anymore. And up the scales went, 1, 2, 3, 4 kgs snuck their way around my body again. The holidays came and went and but the accompanying kilograms they brought settled in and stuck around.  I thought I could just wing it when it comes to losing the extras (after all, after all my tries at dieting I am becoming a bit of an expert on the matter) but apparently I can't.

So from today onwards, I will again jot down every bit and piece that goes through my lips, get back to my 2L of daily water and cut back on the sugars and diet coke. I should also exercise again and as it will soon be spring, I'll get back into my running routine without too much problems.

First official weigh-in of the new year will be next Friday, let's work towards getting my new starting point as low as possible.My new motto is :  Losing weight? Yes, I can !

  Until then,

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