13 March 2014

And here we ago again ...

It has been a year since the last post. A year since I said that I would get back into the healthy living groove.  A year in which I worked, loved, travelled, cooked, baked, read and did many things ... with just one little problem.  Living healthily which should have been on top of the priorities list, never even made it to this list. :o(

As a result, I slipslided into comfortable but not so healthy habits and all the weight I lost since beginning this blog back in 2012, came back ... with a vengeance.  Yup, the 18 kg/40 lbs lost disappeared quicker than an popsicle in the hands of a hungry kid and by the time I finally gathered the courage to step on the scales two weeks ago, it showed me what deep down I already knew.  I gained 25 kg / 55 lbs since my last low.  It's even worse than getting back to square one, rather getting thrown back to square -10 :o(

Anyway, you'll have heard this before, but 2014 will be the year of change.  This time I'm going to chain myself to the diet wagon, because I am sick en tired of slipping off midway.

I started Weight Watchers again, because I know it's a method that works for me, but in order to silence my guilty conscience, I am still logging on a kcal basis as well.  I recently joined MyFitnessPal, to keep all the info centralised in one location and if you want to be friends with me over there, you can find me here.  I am all alone there, so I could use some company *hint hint*

In order to get more active again, I recently bought the new FitBit one.  I already had an Fitbit Ultra hanging around somewhere, but I couldn't seem find it, and thus I just went for a new one.  The advantage of this new version, is that it synchronises through bluetooth with my iphone, so I no longer have to physically link up the the fitbit to the PC in order to get the data. A very important improvement, if you ask me.  Otherwise it is still as easy to use as it was before, and if you are looking for a step tracker, don't hesitate to opt for Fitbit.  It also syncs with MFP for the activity log, so bonus points for that too.

Tomorrow will be the second weigh in since I restarted my personal living healthy challenge and although the weight loss was significant last week, I'm not sure what the scales will say in the morning.

This week, my weight has been going up and down for no obvious reasons, except perhaps hormonal fluctuations, so I'll have to wait and see.  I'll post the weigh in tomorrow, but meanwhile this is the badge I made for last week.

Until tomorrow,

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