4 April 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #3 to #5 : -2.3 , -0.3 & -1.1kg (Total -6.3kg)

For once, the radio (blog) silence has NOT been the telltale sign of me giving up on this road to health.  On the contrary, I am still going and going strong as well.

I have thought about what I want to do with this blog (considering nobody is even reading this), and in order to keep things light and fun for myself, I have decided that I will be doing weekly updates and maybe an occasional post in between, if I have a major accomplishment to share :o)

Because I didn't post for the past few weeks, I can present a great result today: -6,3 kg lost in 5 weeks. I seem to be alternating weeks with minor losses with weeks with more significant decreases, but in the end the numbers are getting down. And that's the most important thing for me. Even though I know "the number on the scale doesn't define who you are", I'm still glad when it does move in the direction I want it to.

A little overview of these past three weeks :

As far as working out is concerned, I still try to go out for my 3K walk during my lunchbreak, while keeping the 5Ks for the weekend.  I don't know if the walking has any effect on the weightloss, but it can do no harm either way.  My coworkers have caught on to my new exercise routine and, contrary to what I thought, haven't been making fun of it.  In fact, I might have inspired one of them to come to work by bike. :o)

This week, I had two achievements on a fitness level : I gained the fitbit 2000 floors badge (a cumulative badge, so it goes back to when I started using my first fitbit) and I walked my fastest pace to date. My average pace during my midday walks went from 11:20/km to 9:25/km. I'm not sure I can walk a lot faster than that without actually running. Considering my weight however, I am a bit hesitant to take up "Start 2 Run" (the local C25K programme) right away.  But I am looking forward to giving it a try again.

I have also secretly been checking out Crossfit clubs in the area but I am still too self-conscious to actually contact them.  I am not a group person to begin with and the fact that I am undoubtedly twice the size of their regular participants, will only draw more attention to myself. Something I try to avoid at all costs.  If I manage to shed 30 more kgs, I will however summon up the courage to give Crossfit a try.  That's a promise. :o)

In order to keep my motivation high, I will be compiling a list of rewards to go with major weight losses on my journey. Not that I don't indulge myself on a regular basis, but these little specific treats could be motivational milestone markers. I'll keep you posted on that.
Until next week,

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