30 June 2012

Retail therapy always works

Saturday morning, a day to sleep in ...  although to my standards I was awake way early i.e. before 9.00 AM.  Maybe my subconscious didn't want me to miss the start of the sales period, and it worked. :o)  After a quick shower, I headed out and arrived at the shoe shop before it even opened.  Unfortunately, (as usual) I didn't find any heels : combining a wide shoe in a large (41) size is always tricky.  Nevertheless I found some nice Geox sport shoes and a pair of flat sandals.  So unless it is overly hot tomorrow or raining cat and dogs, I will start this running programme tomorrow.  All this adds to my good mood: nothing like a bit of retail therapy to boost my spirits :o)

Otherwise nothing special today : just more window shopping and groceries. I managed to drink my 3L of water, adding just a little bit of 0 sugar citrus syrup in order to have a bit of flavour.  Foodwise, I splurged a bit tonight but managed to stay within the points limit.   Hopefully it won't reflect on the scales tomorrow (which indicated -0.5kg btw this morning).  Only one day left before going back to work.  The weekend always flies by too quickly ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : no time for breakfast this morning

Lunch : 8 pts (Salade nicoise)

Dinner : 34 pts (appetizer : berberechos a la cataplana 10pts, dinner: steak with salad, steamed potatoes and bearnaise sauce 24pts) - a bit excessive but I was starving.

Unused : 5 pts

Drinks : 3L still water and 2 tbs of light citrus syrup to jazz up all that H2O.

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