20 July 2012

Weekly weigh-in #4 : -2.3 kg (total -6.1 kg)

I am working seriously at depleting my sugar shelf.  Almost, cleared out the top shelf, but even if I am one pack of sugar short, I am happy with my scale achievement : a whopping 2.3 kg vanished in the course of a week.  Who wouldn't be please? :o)

A large part of it, disappeared the day after the last weigh in, where I had been plateau-ing for the better part of the week.  And I have to admit that even though I am happy with the loss (obviously), I really prefer a gradual loss throughout the week (even if it is in 100g increments), than being stuck on a same weight for days and then lose over a kilo all at once (usually the day after weigh-in).  Because plateaus are really demotivating. I know I shouldn't react that strongly to the number on the scales, but I do. And if (important) losses are really boosting my moral, any status auo or gain is throwing me into the throngs of despair.

It was my final day at work, which means I will have whole of next week off.  Without the work routine, I will have to be extra diligent when it comes to drinking my daily amount of water and I should also try to avoid skipping meals.  Dieting on holidays, whether at home or abroad is always a bit challenging.  Hopefully, I'll continue on my losing streak ...

Until tomorrow ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 10 pt (same as every day)

Lunch : 11 pts (Meatless Friday Toscana Bento :  valess filet 4pts, 60g orzo 6 pts, 1 tsp olive oil 1pt, all fruits and veggies 0pts)

Dinner : 17 pts (the second valess filet that had to be cooked 4pts, 160g mussels 4pts, 1 slice of bread 2pts, goat cheese 2pts, mussel sauce 5pts)

Unused :10 pts

Drinks :   1.5L still water & 1 can of Diet Coke .

Calorie counting according to FitBit:  1.851 kcal

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