8 July 2012

Rainy Sunday

Not much to say about this Sunday : it rained almost all day, the weight stayed stationary since yesterday, ...

The only thing worth mentioning is this :

I completely aced all the objectives : I went over the recommended 10.000 steps, climbed 25 floors and walked for 10K.  Great, isn't it?

The biggest part of this activity was done by a uptempo walk of +/- 5,5K just before lunch.  I was a bit surprised about my average speed (5.8K/h) which is way higher than the speed I usually use on a treadmill (5K/h). It seems I might have underestimated my abilities.

Unfortunately the weekend is already over. Only two more weeks before I am home for a week. I can't wait. I need a holiday!

Until tomorrow ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 5 pts (greek yoghurt 5pts, apple)

Lunch : 9 pts (turkey filet 5pts, 200g potatoes 4pts, flat green beans 0pts)

Dinner :  15 pts (150g seafood 3pts, chorizo 10pts, 1 slice of bread 2pts)

Unused :  15 pts

Snacks : 5 pts (one 18g mars bar 2pts, 2 mini WW cheese 1pt, homeroasted chickpeas 2pts) -> I didn't eat anything in between meals for two weeks and this afternoon I have cravings for sweet and savoury alike.  I wonder if the extra exercise might have something to do with it ...

Drinks :   3L still water.

Calorie counting according to FitBit:  1.478 kcal

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