22 July 2012

Sunday walkday

My Sunday started with the usual 5K walk.  Funny, how I start to use words like "usual" when talking about exercise.  How your life can change in a matter of weeks.  Who knew?  My average pace keeps improving too (as you can see on the right).  During the walk, I felt like I was slacking a bit, as if I was walking slower than usual. But every time I checked my pace it was quicker than I expected.  I guess that my body is getting used to working about. 

Today was a very good walk and I broke 4 records: longest walk, fastest 1K and 1M as well as the quickest 5K to date.  I'm proud of myself. There, I said it :o)

Foodwise, the day could have been better.  I had lunch with my parents which was great and foodwise, completely appropriate. We spent the afternoon on the terrace enjoying the lovely weather.  Things got a bit more complicated with an unexpected Mexican dinner. I have no idea how may points/calories I used for this dinner. In between the nachos and guacamole, the fajitas and the tortilla wraps, the salsa, ... I'll assume I used all the remaining WW points of the day and about 1.500 kcal. I have no idea. But it was worth every point and every calorie.  In one month, it's the first time I haven't stayed on plan, so I am not going to beat myself up over it.  Tomorrow, it's another day and I am just starting fresh. 

Until tomorrow ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : none

Lunch : 12 pts (Tomato, Mozzarella, Shrimp combo as appetizer 4 pts, steak 3pts, potatoes 4 pts, spinach 0pts, 1 tsp olive oil 1pt)

Dinner : Mexican dinner tonight and I have no idea how many points were used up in between the nachos/guacamole and the fajitas.  In doubt, I'm taking up the 34 remaining points of the day.

Snack: 2 pts (1 Wasa Crispbread slices 1 pts, 1 WW cream cheeses 1pt)

Unused : 0 pts (see dinner)

Drinks :  3L still water.

Calorie counting according to FitBit:  2.185  kcal (not 100% sure as the dinner part is largely estimated)

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