24 July 2012

I'm in !

The weather was uncharacteristically warm for our little country, with temperatures topping 30 degrees today.  My staycation couldn't ask any better.  For the kitties though, it was a bit too much of a good thing.  Of course, they have a thick fur coat they can't just remove.  Hence, they ended up spread-eagled on the living room floor, trying to benefit as much as possible from the little draft through the open windows.

The most important part of my day was the appointment I had with the psychologist at the hospital.  I was a bit weary of what I would have to say but everything went smoothly.  It was more a getting to know me interview, than anything else.  I explained my diet history, my current habits and the results of my month of healthy living and my motivation to enter the Obesity Platform Programme.  She was very positive and ... I am in !  First appointment will be just after my week holiday in Madrid in September and I'll have to have a complete check up and bloodworks done before leaving as well.  Besides the follow-up by a multidisciplinary team (dietician, psychologist, endocrinologist, ...), the programme also involves participating in bimonthly meetings about nutrition and workout sessions at the hospital with a physiotherapist.  It stretches over one year, so I hope that it will be an extra help in my weightloss. I'll keep you posted on the next steps in the process.

Until tomorrow ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 5 pts (greek yoghurt with strawberries)

Lunch : 10 pts (Oriental Couscous 7pts, 2 wasa crispbreads 2pts, 2 WW cheeses 1pts)

Dinner : 20 pts (Minced chicken, potatoes, leek, bellpepper, light cheese and curry mix)

Unused : 10 pts

Snacks:  2 pts (one ice lolly in the afternoon and one after dinner)

Drinks :   2L still water.

Calorie counting according to FitBit:  1.576  kcal

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