29 July 2012

Walking in new shoes

I was eager to try out my new shoes today and I don't know if my new records are related to my latest purchase, but the walk went very smoothly.  It was a bit strange at first, because these new trainers are corrective. The gait analysis done in the running center showed that my ankles are leaning inward when I walk/run, so I have shoes now that are forcing my feet in a straight line again.  Oddly enough, I feel that my feet are in a weird angle when I wear them.  

Otherwise, my week's holiday is almost officially over.  I am not really looking forward to going back to work. One gets easily used to having lots of free time, getting up whenever you want, ...  Oh well, one more month and I have another week off. Can't wait !

Until tomorrow ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : none

Lunch : 16 pts (starter: tomato and mozzarella, main : turkey roast, potatoes and green beans)

Dinner : 21 pts (wasa crispbreads with quark, olives, tzatziki, potatoes and light cheese cake)

Snacks : 4 pts (Grany apple biscuits)

Unused  : 7 pts

Drinks :   2L still water.

Calorie counting according to FitBit:  1.505 kcal

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