3 July 2012

Sore shins

If Miss Scales keeps up the good work, I have a feeling we are going to be BFF in no time.

Yes, indeed, she said I was again a bit lighter than yesterday (and I even dipped below my previous all-time high). Don't you just love to get that kind a good news to start the day with?  I know it boosts my morale and on the way to work I found myself singing at the top of my lungs all the upbeat songs coming out of the speakers.  It got me a few odd looks from the drivers in the nearby cars, I can tell you :o)

On another note, I am still feeling Sunday's run in my legs.  Especially in my shins, of all places.  I expected to have sore thighs or calves, but shins? O_o  Frankly, I didn't even consider that there were muscles on that side of the leg.  Because I found the whole sore shins business slightly disconcerting, I discussed it with my colleague (who is an occasional runner) and she said that she had the same experiences after runs.  Hmm ... so I am not reacting weirdly.  That's good to know. Maybe it's because I didn't stretch out after the run.  Because I know I should, I looked up some "stretches for runners" on youtube, but honestly, I can't contort my body in that way.  Pulling your foot up to your bum to stretch seems easy enough, until you have my pear shape and all the "extras" located on your tighs and bum. It just doesn't work. I wonder how other plus-size beginning runners do it. I won't have time to redo the first day of the 5K programme tonight, but (weather permitting) I will tomorrow.  Because as the sign says :

Until tomorrow ...

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 10 pts (half skimmed milk 3pts, 45g nestle fitness cereals 5pts, a glass of apple juice 2pts and an apple) - same as every day

Lunch : 11 pts (Ham Salad Bento 65g bread 5pts, 120g lean ham 3pts, philadelphia cheese 2pts, fruits and veggies 0pts)

Dinner :  19 pts (appetizer : 2 mini chicken bites 4pts & South African Bobotie : unweighed portion of rice 7pts, ground beef 5 pts, green beans and apple 0pts, egg 2pts, oil 1pt)  + 3 pts snacking on bread while grocery shopping (Note to self : don't go shopping on an empty stomach !)

Unused : 7 pts

Drinks :   3L still water.

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