23 January 2012

Day 8 - Not a happy bunny

Getting up this morning was already quite an achievement. It was so nice as toasty under the duvet that when the alarm went off at 6.00 AM, my initial reaction was to hide my head under the pillow and pretend it wasn't there.  Pretend that it was Sunday morning and that I could slumber in bed for another couple of hours. Obviously, it doesn't work like that ... especially as I have one of those annoying alarms that gets louder the longer you wait to cut it off.  So after having snoozed the alarm a couple of times, I grabbed all my courage together, threw back that warm, cosy duvet and rushed to the bathroom for the daily routine : the scales.

And that's when it happened.
Shock and horror.
It didn't indicate the right number.

Believing something was up with that crappy piece of technology, I got off, switched it back on, stepped on it again, ... to no avail.  Two tries later, I was forced to admit that something had gone terribly wrong.  I gained 1.1 kg overnight. :o(  Looking back at my food diary I can't see anything special: I stayed well within my points budget, ate my fruits and veggies, drank my water ...  The only thing "out of the ordinary" would be the little bit of toast I had with supper.  I didn't eat any bread since I started dieting last Monday, but I can't imagine that 50g of toast would have that effect on me.  Thinking of it, I might have skipped my thyroid medication on Sunday morning as well.  If that's the price to pay for forgetfulness and a little toast .... that's harsh.

I'll have to see what tomorrow brings.  I was so happy yesterday, being only a breath away from the Jan. 2011 starting weight, that this set back really threw me.   If I ever needed a reminder why weighing yourself on a daily basis is not a smart move, I think I got it.  No need to rub my nose into it...

On the other hand, I did something today I promised myself I would.  I went to a Healthcity club close to the office straight after work and worked out, something I didn't do for several months.

I changed sports club back in September but if I am really honest, I didn't once go in and do a proper workout since the day I signed the papers. There was always a welcome excuse for me to use (horrible weather, feeling sad for myself, bad day at work, no time, ...).  What a change compared to my high motivation days when I was at the gym 5 or 6 days a week.  I didn't spent hours on end at my first club but the hour that I worked out, made me feel good about myself.  And although I am heavily overweight, people there were friendly, never seemed to laugh behind my back or make nasty comments. After a while, I came to recognise the regulars and we had a laugh and a chat, before getting back to our exercise routines.  I think that's also one of the excuses I have used to not go and work out since I changed clubs.  What if people the new place are all skinny bitches and treated me like a freak. Like, what's that fattie doing in our gym?  I have always been self conscious and that mentality hasn't improved with age neither.

The advantage of the premium subscription I have at Healthcity is that I can go to any of the 20+ clubs they have in the country. So I can go to one close to the office after work (thus avoiding trafic jams), one close to home during weekends and pick and chose the group courses I find interesting, no matter which club they are given in.  So on Wednesday, I am going to another club (halfway between the office and home) because they have a Pilates course that starts at 6.30 PM which I would love to try.  Working out tonight was hellish. Like losing weight, acquiring condition is something you have to work hard for but which you loose much faster. Motivation is the key to keep going.

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 8 pts
Lunch : 10 pts (Scaloppina alla milanese bento)
Dinner :16 pts
Snacks : 4 pts

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