27 January 2012

Day 12 - Office lunch

Today was definitely not a diet day.  We had our annual office New Year's lunch and it's hard to keep track of the number of points you eat when you're not the one preparing the food.  

Every year on a Friday in January, we close the office at noon and go together to a fancy restaurant. This year the festive table was dressed in the restaurant Bon Bon. We had a menu with a impressive amount of services, so many I lost track of the number of different dishes as well of what we ate exactly. But if you know we had the aperitive at 1.00 PM and I was the first to leave the restaurant at 6.00 PM, you can imagine the extended lunch session we had.

On the other hand, having had such an long lunch, I didn't want to have dinner, so all in all, I think I didn't go too much overboard today.  Hopefully the scales will agree ..

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