26 January 2012

Day 11 - Muscle ache

Nothing much happened today, the day pretty much moved along as it usually does on a Thursday.  The only difference is that I had sore muscles after yesterday's pilates session.

I quite like the pilates thing but I won't be joining any more of this class, until I lose a significant amount of weight :o(  Because of the excess weight I am carrying, doing the exercises during which you have to rest the whole of your body weight on one hand and knee, is just too painful for my joints.  Another reason to get ASAP to a slimmer version of me.  I'm going to keep on working out though, but it will just be fatburning and cardio from now on.

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 8 pts
Lunch : 6 pts (Nameless Bento)
Dinner :23 pts
Snacks : 6 pts

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