20 January 2012

Day 5 - Weekly weigh-in #1 (-1,5 kg)

After careful consideration, I decided that my official weekly weigh-in day should be Friday.  This way, if I do slip up during the weekend, I have a week left to straighten up.  With the start of a new week, the 49 bonus point counter gets reset, and that will also come in handy next week : we are having our traditional New Year's lunch at the office and it is always tricky to count points when being in a fancy restaurant with a already fixed menu.

So, 5 days into my diet, it is time for a first assessment.  And the result is quite satisfying : I lost 1,5 kg since Tuesday. I probably lost a bit more since Monday, but as I couldn't weigh myself when I started, that doesn't really count. Bummer.  But I as long as it is a minus, I am really not allowed to complain.  I am now 0,6 kg heavier than on Jan 1, 2012, so I am confident that by next week I'll have broken through that symbolic barrier. 

Dieting today went OK, no hunger nor sugar cravings.  Keeping busy is the key. As soon as I get bored or listless, I am irresistably attracted to the sweet stuff.  Making sure the car is sweetsfree is important as well : bored and stuck in trafic jams is the ideal situation to start munching on toffees or chocolate i.e. not a good thing. Only dozn point of the day, is that I didn't manage to drink my second bottle of water. I have noticed that if I didn't finish my first bottle by noon, I seem to get stuck and don't meet my target. So my intention for next week : drink one large glass of water an hour so that I get the amount of fluid I have to drink.

Overview of my day :

Breakfast : 8 pts
Lunch : 15 pts (Ginger & sweet chili turkey bento)
Dinner :19 pts
Snacks : 0 pts

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